Sripati Tudu

Sripati Tudu

Assistant Professor


Sri Sripati Tudu is currently Assistant Professor at theInstitute of Language Studies and Research (ILSR),Kolkata, West Bengal which is a research institute underthe Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal.

Sri Tudu has been an Assistant Professor in theDepartment of Santali atSidho Kanho BirshaUniversity,West Bengal since 2016 and prior to that he worked asan Assistant Professor at Nayagram Pandit RaghunathMurmu Government college, Jhargram, West Bengal.

One of the biggest achievements of Sri. Sripati Tuduhas been his recent complete translation of the IndianConstitution in the Santali Language, a major feat which he accomplished for the first time in India as no onebefore him translated the Indian rule book in the Santalilanguage. This major achievement of Sri Tudu has beenwidely hailed by the mainstream media and by theacademic circle at large.

Being an academic and a translator, Sri Sripati Tuduhas wide range of teaching experience and his currentresearch focuses on Santali culture, Santali languageand Santali fictional as well as poetic writings. He haspublished his works on Santali literary and cultural textsin various forums and has remained an activeinterlocuter of Santali literary cultural issues. Sripati`sworks have helped in foregrounding Santali culture andSantali literature in the mainstream.

At ILSR, Sri Tudu will be looking after courses onSantali language and literature and he will also beinvolved in the translation of Santali texts